Friday, April 2, 2010

They fooled me...

I did buy some chairs from Craigslist...some very,
well used crappy chairs.

[This was the sellers picture]

I wanted extra chairs to have on hand

I bought these thinking some paint and reupholstering and they would look great...
Not the case, when I took them apart the seats were a crumbling mess, 
and the chairs were rickety... 
I tossed the seat cushions and was about to toss the chairs as well.

Then decided to use them as "planters"!

I painted two of them a Tiffany Box blue,
they are going to have flowers sitting on them!

It's still too cold to plant flowers,
however, I got these pink hydrangeas' with blooms the size of your head
they're staying in the house for now!

I used my Cricut to cut out the branches and the birds

I'm loving the pink and blue together,
this is going to be my color scheme this year
 when I start planting flowers again!

if they could only stay like this forever

kind of looks like it could be a water bowl for a St. Bernard!

The 3rd chair is going to be painted a light yellow
and I'll put it on the front porch with our address on it and a big Boston Fern sitting on it!
I'm still searching Craigslist for some decent chairs that aren't planters!


  1. Well you certainly made them adorable and useful regardless...I love the birds and color!~

  2. What a great back-up plan! They look so sweet!

  3. I've always thought chairs made good planters. Plants need a place to sit down too! I love the fern in a yellow chair idea, it will be one of a kind with the house numbers! You are very creative.

  4. That was a clever idea! That way your not out on anything..

  5. Gorgeous! Love the color and the birdie sweet! I have always love the look of old chairs as planters - your look marvelous! I am a new follower.
    504 Main