Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tweet Time

We've had rain here for two days, so my outdoor spray painting has been parked for a few days...
weather man says rain till Monday ;(

I moved inside for a little impromptu project

I stopped at Hobby Lobby and found these~

I painted the wood circle white and then distressed it a little and painted the clock numbers black.

Aren't these cute - hmmmm

The clock number circle is adhesive - so I just stuck it on the wood circle after the paint dried.
However, I'm not making a clock...

I have this metal cloche that needed a little something added to it ~ ~ ~
Since I'm a fan of clocks - it needed something "clock-ish" {I think I made up word here}!

Inside, I added my little Dollar Tree "tweet" that I sprayed silver a while back.

I tied the clock hands on with jute.

We've all seen these knobs at Anthro - did you know Hobby Lobby sells them too!
For a lot less than Anthro - and they also go on sale for 50% off too!

Tweet Time!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Marcy that is awesome! I just saw those the other day, and I thought hmmmmm very cool!~ Have a great weekend!