Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time to Spoon!

I've been searching for a spoon!

I have zero wall space in my kitchen, my only option to display art is on a easel. I saw a "picture" I ~loved~ at ZGallerie - however, I didn't love the price...$149.99. Hmmm, I can find it - for less!

True story now...I thought I saw the "picture" at the HomeGoods store by where I work. I needed to do a Target lunch hour run (you know, give them a minimum of $50 for needs + those you don't).

I had this decision when starting my mission ~ go to Target or HomeGoods first? I picked Target first. Next stop, HomeGoods, walk in and I see a shopping cart filled with 'things' and the "picture"... there's nobody hanging on to this cart...just a woman several feet away...browsing...and the "picture" it's marked clearance at $36.00...I'm thinking, this is a cart they're using to restock shelves, I'll just save them some time in restocking and take the "picture". Oh no, it was the "browsy" woman's cart. I asked "are you sure you want this?" Of course, she said yes, I even told her how I've been searching for it for so long ...she showed no sympathy for me. Denied! If I had only gone to HomeGoods first. Lesson learned!

I started my next mission (yes, I did go to every HomeGoods in a 20 mile radius looking for the "picture"...no luck). So, I went to this site AllPosters.com and found it ($29.99). The UPS man delivered the spoon art poster a few days later - I took it to Hobby Lobby, got a frame on sale ($17.99) - they framed it for $2.00 (can you believe that's all they charged). This mission is now complete!
I now have my "picture"! Spoon love! I didn't get the clearance price, but I got it for the less than the ZGallerie price...I saved money!

So many more mission's - off to fulfill more quests! *wink*

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