Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let them eat cake!!!

I'm a cake fanatic - that is, I love to bake cakes! I just spotted with my little eye, at Willams-Sonoma this Snowy Village Cakelet Pan!

I'm going to be heading to my local Williams-Sonoma store tonight to pick it up! Luckily for me, the Mall where W-S is, is about 5 minutes away!

I also have this pan from Williams-Sonoma ~ the Sandwich Cookie Cake Pan and I love it!

For the Sandwich Cookie Cake - I use a {box} brownie mix and it comes out really good. In the middle, I do ice cream for the filling (then freeze and thaw when serving) - or you could do frosting in the middle! I like this idea in the picture for the holiday season coming up, to use crushed peppermints/candy canes! I'll have to try it next!

The best advise I can give you when using these pans, is to use Wilton Cake Release. Your cakes will come out of the pan perfectly! You can pick this up at at Michaels (use your 40% coupon!). *Enjoy*

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