Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Bells...will be ringing soon project!

My beautiful step-daughter, Christina is getting married on October 17, 2009 to the greatest guy, Joe! Yikes, that's two weeks from now!

I've been working on a project for the place cards at the reception...I found this idea in a issue of Romantic Homes - about six years ago. I also made one for a friend, and it was a big hit.

I found a frame at Hobby Lobby, in the 90% Clearance Aisle for a whopping ~ $6.00!

I spray painted the frame white and then I covered a foam-core poster board with fabric (her colors are the colors of fall!) and hot glued trim to hold the cards. I tucked a few cards in for now, we'll be addressing the real ones any day now! This will hold about 80 place cards, and it's a lot nicer than standing over a table trying to find your place card!

I'm going to add different fall foliage - so, I'll be heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow!


  1. What a great idea! The shadow photo is cute too. I hope you will post some photos of the wedding?
    -Mrs Peeks Farmhouse

  2. What a fabulous idea and you did a great job on the looks beautiful.

  3. I saw that idea and thought it was great! I'm sure it will be a lovely wedding with special touches like that. Stop by for a visit soon!

  4. What a great idea! You did a wonderful looks lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. That is a great idea! I love it !

    Have a good weekend,

  6. That's beautiful!!! Thanks so much for joining in on Show and Tell!