Thursday, October 29, 2009

My *pairs* are heading to the San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk!

It's these *pairs* that are heading to San Diego!In August, I had an amazing time at the cheering event my good friend ~ Denise sponsored for the 2009 Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk - well, she's taking the show on the road to the 2009 San Diego, CA Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk! Hurray for Denise and her family!

Denise has made it her goal to continue *cheering* for the 3-Day Walkers and she has a new site dedicated to raising money for the 3-Day Walk ~ The Pair Tree.

I made a big batch of *pairs* for the San Diego tree ~ Ingredients: Lot's of pantyhose, pink glitter and stuffing! Denise packed them into her Mom & Dad's RV - and they're making their way to California as I'm writing! If you're in the San Diego area November 20-22, I hope you're able to participate in *cheering* for these great walkers and be sure to look for The Pair Tree. If you're a walker in the San Diego 3-Day event - all I can say is ~ THANK YOU!!!

There's a fundraising auction on The Pair Tree you might want to get in on! It's sponsored by Wine and Jazz and the great jazz artist, Nick Colionne. You can win the entire package! A two-night stay at the Tobin James Cellars "Guest House", a signed magnum of Tobin James Cellars wine, a VIP wine tasting, a Epiphone electric guitar ~ personally signed by Nick Colionne and best of all ~ an autographed discography of Nick Colionne's smooth jazz!

To all the 3-Day Walkers - we *heart* you! *smile*


  1. I posted your link for you and it's working! I'm in Northern California so I can't go out to cheer but I bet they will have a great time! Your "pairs" are so funny!!! Too cute!

  2. Hmmm... at first I couldn't tell what your "pairs were" now I get it. Great fundraising idea!


  3. This is a great fundraising!!!!! If I was any closer I would come out to help.

    Good Luck!

  4. LOL...what a great idea...for a wonderful cause! Way to get the message across!! hugs!

  5. Thank you sooo much for cheering for us, we walked our pairs by the pair tree and it was inspiring to see all of the cheering! thank you from the bottom of our pairs! :)