Sunday, September 13, 2009

Haunted House!

Last year, my cute little niece *Camille* and I made a Haunted House together!

We collected cardboard boxes and paper towel rolls and glued/taped them on a black foam core poster board and then we spray painted it all black and then painted glitter paint all over it.

Next, we cut out the windows from construction paper and glued green and yellow tissue paper to the backs of them. We got minature picket fences ~ painted them black and surrounded different areas of the spooky house!

This was a fun project for us - Camille has always been my little crafting buddy! {Luv U Cami!}
We used green Halloween spider webs and a bunch of creepy creatures to "haunt" the house! I added little battery tea lights throughout to give it a glow! Best of all, Camille took it home with her - she was very proud of her Haunted House!

I called Camille the other day to schedule our 2009 Halloween Craft project, she's a very busy 11 year old! I'm penciled in for early October!

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