Monday, August 1, 2011

I'll call her Betty Lou

I've been searching for a dress form...

One I could dress up and name her!

I couldn't find one at a reasonable price, so I did something else!

 I got some floral netting... 

and I made one!

A lot of bending and shaping to give her the right curves!

My family thought I was making a rabbit pinata!

I layered her in strips of newspaper covered in
a flour and water mixture, and let her dry.

For her neck, I used these wood pieces that I glued together and
painted black...

then Mod Podged her with old sheet music.

Betty Lou, all dressed up for photos outside -
she's an inside girl really!


  1. Well how cool is that! That is adorable, cute, fun and totally unique! I love it! That must have been fun building!

  2. I love sweet Betty Lou !!! She would look great in my Garden sweet lady.Looks like you had fun putting her together !!!
    Im your newest follower on your lovely Blog.
    XXOO Diane

  3. Hi Marcy! That is so cute. Hope you have had a great summer. It went by too fast for sure.

  4. Awesome!! Love it!

    barbara jean

  5. she is soooo cute!!!!
    you did soooooo well....
    I love it!!!