Friday, June 22, 2012

Some bracelet organizing

the after of my organizing marathon ~

all my bracelets were in a drawer...
I would go through it, pulling them all out to find the right one to wear.

I'm excellent at being unorganized...

not anymore!

of course it didn't start looking like this,

it started out as a black, velvet bracelet
 holder from Michael's.

Nice, but not for me.

So, I painted it...and then
Mod Podged burlap

It was looking a little too much like a bird perch...

so I added some embellishing

and got to work organizing them...

I never realized how many bracelets
I had until now!

My bracelets are very handy now!

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Love this idea, it turned out great.

  2. Wow, I love what you did here! It looks so customized and far more interesting!
    Great job!

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